Date Item
September 25, 2000 The 100th. aniversary of Alfred Schmitt's birth.
August 2, 2000 The 96th aniversary of Kathryn Skow Schmitt's birth.
July 5, 2000 Dick Schmitt was attacked in the woods by a vicious Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Both survived. In 50 years of working in the woods, I do not recall ever seeing a hummingbird out there. I probably have, but cannot recall seeing one, as they tend to stay around more open areas. I was cruising a tract of timber, and had on my old red felt hat that I always wear in the woods. I had stopped to take a compass sight while running a cruise line, and something came buzzing up behind me and hit my hat about 3 licks. Whap, whap, whap, I turned around and hovering about 3 feet away was this hummingbird. We looked each other in the eye, he made another pass at the hat and left. I reckon he got down wind and that was too much. I have worn that old hat for 10 or 12 years summer and winter. It is pretty rank.
June 29, 2000 Dick and Iris made it 49 years. Happy Anniversary!
June 28, 2000 Either none of the Schmitts are in jail, so there is no news, or all of them are in jail and ther is no one to report it.
May 28, 2000 This is the 76th. anniversary of the marriage of Alfred Schmitt and Kathryn Skow..
May 22, 2000 gets some content and the first email message about the site goes out.
May 21, 2000 goes live!
Feb. 15,2000 is registered.
April 8, 2000 Great, great grandson of Alfred and Kathryn Schmitt born to Kristina. West Cunningham. This means Dick Schmitt is now sleeping with a great grandmother.